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cheebahmunkey 12-06-04 05:06 PM

What Bike to Get
ok so I've been using a stationary bike exclusively for the past 7 months and want to start riding outside to help lose more weight and then sustain my hopefully lowered weight. I've never done outside riding of long distances before (I regularly do 20-40 miles a day on the stationary bike). Does anyone have recommendations on a good bike for me to purchase? Nothing too expensive ;)

Devious Rhesus 12-06-04 08:48 PM

What kind of position do you ride in on the stationary? Where do you plan on riding? What's your budget?

cheebahmunkey 12-06-04 09:38 PM

I'd use the bike for recreational transportation. For instance I'd go on a ride to someplace maybe 20 miles away (maybe just a shopping center) and then back. Budget not too sure. Something fairly inexpensive to start out with would be nice.

MichaelW 12-07-04 05:21 AM

Many people use a race bike for fitness, but you may find that you want to use the bike for shopping, commuting, trips to the gym etc, so a bit of practicality comes in handy (fittings for rack and fenders).
Old sport bikes are really good general purpose hacks. You can pick them up used for $50 and use them to figure out what kind of riding you prefer, how you like the bike setup and what size you need. You may have to invest in new tyres/chain.
Suggest you find a good local bike shop and get to know them.
If you want something new, then Fuji do a nice line in good sport bikes at reasonable prices such as the League or Ace model.
Budget for shorts, helmet, gloves and lock.

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