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green427 01-17-12 01:05 PM

Timing of bike purchase with BD
I am seeing some good deals on BikesDirect, but my wife thinks I should wait until Spring to see if there are any better deals.

LBS' deals are not good right now.

In your experience, does BD have better deals in Feb/Mar instead of January? I am looking at road bikes in the $800 to $1200 range.

justfitme 01-17-12 06:33 PM

Honestly, i did not see huge price drops on BD depends on the time of the year. Usually it ends where all (or needed) sizes are completely sold.

I monitor BD constantly, but I can't buy it on-line since they have a Bike Direct store in town . And the store might be a little different on prices - you may get a good discount in the end or beginning of the year on what was not sold.

If I would be in the same shoes I would look at this one

Ultegra 6700 group with OK wheels... Kinesis fork..

Or for few extra dollars

I would not go for cheap carbon with lower grade components

SurlyLaika 01-17-12 08:16 PM

I don't want to hijack your thread, dude so I'm gonna try to chime in but I was thinking about buying Nashbar's steel framed cyclocross bike for $685 last week. I checked it the next day and it went up to $749. Do prices on Nashbar/BD really fluctuate like that?

justfitme 01-24-12 12:31 AM

On Nashbar - yes. On BD usually not...

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