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Pistard 01-19-12 12:53 PM

Retul fitting system
I just found out there was a retul fiter close to where I work, anybody here got fitted with this system? or is this more for racing type riders over recreational types?

a1penguin 01-20-12 02:07 AM

I have had several people recommend this fit type to me. I am old. My knees sound like rice krispies in milk when I go up or down stairs. I think a proper bike fitting would help me preserve my knees so that I minimize any further damage to them. If you are putting thousands of miles on your bike and doing long rides, you are stressing your body a lot. A professional fit can't hurt if you have the cash to burn.

Looigi 01-21-12 10:45 AM

I'm not generally a pro-fit advocate, but as fitting systems go it is one of the better ones IMO. The Retul device measure the movement of all of your joints in 3D as you pedal and shows if any is out of what is considered normal range. A skilled fitter then makes adjustments to fit, cleat position, etc.. to bring all movements into "normal" range. IMO, normal rule-of-thumb static fitting is fine unless you have something unusual going on or are having issues that you can't noodle out on your own.

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