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Bekologist 01-22-12 01:38 PM

FUNNY video - Things cyclists say
don't know if this has been posted to BF, but a hilarious video from the peopleforbikes team about "things cyclists say'

ThermionicScott 01-23-12 01:45 PM

It was also posted in C&V, but it's worth sharing here. :thumb:

calamarichris 01-23-12 02:14 PM

Cross--a bike race made as stupid as possible, but people still do it.

Word to the wise: never buy used components on Ebay or Craiglist that say "lightly used" or "used for only one season". One muddy or sandy cyclocross race is enough to amortize many road components.

bigbadwullf 01-23-12 03:15 PM

Lots of "sheit XXXX say" floating around now. The snowboarder one may be the best.

I take it back. This may be about the best one yet. Even better than sheit mountain bikers say.

hueyhoolihan 01-23-12 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by ThermionicScott (Post 13756722)
It was also posted in C&V, but it's worth sharing here. :thumb:

yes it does. i thought it was a hoot.

is it just me, or does that guy share more than a passing resemblance to Will Farrell? if so, he's also got that supercilious attitude too. and 'cudos should go to the editor, for being capable of creating such a loooong video with such a narrow subject matter.

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