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Yukky 01-23-12 01:31 PM

Display stand question
Hi All,

I was looking around Kickstarter and found the following stand:

I've already committed to one, but was wondering if anyone had similar stands for displaying their bikes they would recommend.


Burton 01-25-12 04:15 PM

Haven't seen that stand before and it seems a little over the top for my tastes. Actually it qualifies more as a storage stand than a display stand.

Most of my bikes get hung on foam covered bicycle hooks - identical to the ones used at the shop. They retail for about $4 each and the bike hangs vertically from the ceiling.

Alternatively I do keep one hybrid on the wall at the front entrance. That hangs on two closet supports originally designed to support a shelf and clothes hanger bar. The bike frame just drops into where the hanger bar would go and helmets etc go on the shelf. Total retail cost about $30 including shelf.

But for a display stand only, I 'm currently using FlashStand™ from Topeak

Yukky 01-29-12 01:15 PM

Thanks for the reply. I'm using the standard bike hooks as well for the rest of the bikes in the garage. I was just looking for options for display purposes. I was just drawn to the wall hanger since it puts it up off the floor.

Yukky 02-03-12 05:06 PM

I guess I'll just go with this one then and keep looking.


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