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nhluhr 01-25-12 12:12 AM

single wheel hook with deep-dish aero wheels?
I have had great success using products like the Racor Solo in the past to store bikes by hanging it on the rear wheel, however I never had deep-dish wheels before and the Racor Solo just doesn't have enough gap to get the inside edge of the rim into the hook. I've seen another one called the "Leonardo Da Vinci" from DeltaCycle that appears to have a lot more clearance, at least in pics.

Specifically, I have 58mm aero wheels and am curious if something like the Da Vinci rack will accomodate the extra rim depth...


Racor (nowhere near enough clearance):

Da Vinci (maybe??):

bigfo 01-29-12 07:04 AM

When I had my Zipp 404 wheels on my road bike, I used the Da Vinci with no problems. I had 23mm tires and the rims were 58mm deep. I think I had to turn the wheel a bit to get them in, but they fit fine.

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