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caj808 08-15-00 04:28 PM

I'm planning to upgrade to clipless pedals in the next couple of months or so, and thus a pair of "real" biking shoes.

My problem is that most of the shoes I've seen contain leather, which I do not wear. I'm wonder if anyone knows of any shoes that contain only man-made materials.

I'm looking for "mid-range" shoes, and I do mostly commuting and touring, and some mtb'ing, but no racing or anything. I have a mtb right now, but would like to get shoes that will also work with my road bike (when I purchase it :). Thanks!

mtnbike_mike 08-16-00 10:36 AM

Take a closer look at some of those shoes that contain "leather". I have seen a couple of shoes that use that fake leather, just ask the guys at the bike shop they'll be able to tell you for sure.

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