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TurbineBlade 01-28-12 08:39 AM

Hand tremor from cycling?
Is it possible or common to get hand tremor from riding? I swapped out handlebars recently, and though I don't notice pain while riding, I'm getting a muscle tremor in my hands even days after riding. The muscles in my palms also feel "tense" along with the tremor.

Does anyone else get this? This is a new thing for me.

10 Wheels 01-28-12 08:46 AM

You are the first one....

jmccain 01-28-12 08:56 AM

I've heard it referred to as "handlebar palsy."

Northwestrider 01-28-12 11:00 AM

You could try raising handle bar height of course to remove weight from you hands, if the tremmor remains, then IMO, a trip to the Doc would be in order.

Artkansas 01-28-12 11:03 AM

The ad at the top of the page is for Parkinson's. That causes a palsy.

pick 01-28-12 09:12 PM

Could be any number of things...the trip to the doc would not be a bad thing. I have nerve damage in both elbows (Ulnar Nerve) and Carpal Tunnel in both hands/wrists. There would be days (before I stopped riding a DF) that my hands would start with a tremor and then just go into full numbness to the point I could not pull the brake lever even a little bit. See the doc and get a referral to a qualified Sports Orthopedist/Hand Specialist pronto to be on the safe side.

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