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Paolosio 02-09-12 04:57 AM

Carrying a bicycle on a scooter
Hi all, I am about to buy a scooter for commuting and to save my legs for racing and training (road). I need to commute to road races and thus need to be able to carry my road bike or xc bike and some stuff to the races. Some distances will be about 50mi. I found this amazing post ( this seems like the best solution I have seen. Mounting the wheels separately seems like a good idea for stability and safety. If anyone in the UK has done this i would love to hear about it. I am doing this investigation before I buy a scooter so i buy one suitable. If anyone has any advice please comment. Was thinking of getting a Piaggio x9 125 but not sure top platform for the bike would work. Thanks. P

Looigi 02-09-12 07:45 AM

Looks like a good solution, though I don't see a necessity for removing the rear wheel. The weight of the bike and gear will much less than human passenger.

Paolosio 02-13-12 04:57 AM

the design specifics?
Thanks Looigi. with the rear wheel off less overhang and although weight should not be an issue the previous designer tried both designs and commented that this one was much more stable. Specifically i can see how he has attatched the wheel stands to the top box but im not sure how he has attatched the rear end of the road bike to the platform or the platform to the scooter. Seeking design ideas and specifics. many thanks. p

bradtx 02-13-12 06:06 AM

Paolosio, Looks like the pedal is captured by a threaded J bolt, which is tightened by a wing nut. Once the fork is captured the frame can't move forward or rearward so this seems like good (KISS) engineering.


Looigi 02-13-12 09:00 AM

Looks to me like it's mounted to the scooter via the rear passenger grab rail, which may also include an integrated luggage rack. Lots of these scooters have optional tail trunks so whatever is used to mount those might be used to attach your bike mount.

fietsbob 02-13-12 10:31 AM

TdF support has figured that out, perhaps follow their lead..
A custom rack for bike and spare wheels.

Closed Office 02-14-12 08:04 PM


Originally Posted by bradtx (Post 13845365)
this seems like good (KISS) engineering.

I agree. It isn't cheap. It looks like a couple of front forks are used to hold the wheels, but very impressed with the design.

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