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baron von trail 02-12-12 03:14 PM

New Dog Trick
By observing our cats respond to a racoon stealing their food, I learned something. The other day, I tried the same trick on a charging dog. Needless to say, it worked like a charm.

The cats simply turned their back on the racoon. I simply looked the other way when the dog came after me, kept pedaling and stared off into the distant field. Wouldn't you know it, the stupid dog ran passed me and began heading into that field. When he lost interest, he turned and came back at me. By then, I was looking away again, in the opposite direction. The dog ran passed me a second time.

A few seconds later, I was long gone. The dog was left behind, probably confused as hell. :D

badmother 02-12-12 03:44 PM

Hope it works next time too!

My dog used to beg sometimes when I eat. He learnt wery quickly that there is no food for him if he makes eye contact. So he started to some timed sit down close to me when I eat with his back towards me and his face into a corner. Now I told him that also is begging :).

VELOGLOCK 02-12-12 04:03 PM

That only works if you 're submissive , everyone knows that trick

baron von trail 02-12-12 06:28 PM

I used to look at a dog as it approached and tried "reasoning" with it by tossing out a few gentley spoken, "Good boy" or "Good Doggy" comments. All the good that did was one day get my leg bit.

Staring off in the opposite direction as the dog approaches seems less threatening to the mutt. Although, shooting the sucker between the eyes has crossed my mind once or twice, I prefer it just ignore me. What seems to work is if I ignore it.

Jamesw2 02-13-12 06:26 AM

I have found panniers make it difficult for a dog to get to your ankles. I also have an airzound , mace, and keep my cadence high. There is not much a rider can do if a really determined dog comes after you. I like the idea of ignoring the dog until you need to protect yourself but i have had five or more after me, in a residential zone, at one time. Some of those wanted to play others wanted me for lunch . What i would like to have avaiable is one of those flashlights that blink and make a person vomit. I wonder if they work on dogs???

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