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MightyLegnano 02-16-12 02:11 PM

Some of my adventures in the greek mountains
Hello mighty cyclists!

These are some of my adventures on the greek mountains. I sleep on them -no tent-, I cycle on them, I run on them, I swim in their rivers, I breath their precious clean air. They are the reason I like life.

Most of the swims in rivers were in winter period :)

Every single place depicted in the photographs was reached by bicycle (except the helicopter one*).

*This is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. We were two crews/two shifts on that helicopter. Two boomers and two pilots. The last day in Crete something went wrong with the helicopter and it crashed right in front of me (I was preparing my suit and helmet to change the first boomer). The helicopter was totally smashed. I took out the boomer and the pilot who was in my shift took out the pilot. After one minute the helicopter engulfed in flames. They were both struggling to survive for weeks in the hospital and eventually they made it. Very very tough experience. Istill smell fuel and blood sometimes. But anyway, happy ending!

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