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nick burns 12-21-04 07:47 AM

Call a Bike - German Bicycle Rental Service
The German company Deutsche Bahn AG is implementing in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne & Munich a dial up bicycle rental service. From the company's website:
"Each CallBike is protected by an electronic lock that can be opened with a numerical code. If the green light on the lock blinks, the bike is free and it is yours to use.
To obtain the valid code for your CallBike, simply dial the telephone number in the red circle on the cover of the lock. Then, all you have to do is enter the code in the lock display."

I thought this sounded like a pretty cool idea. The rental fee seems a bit high, but maybe if it's successful, it will come down. I wonder if this could work anywhere in the US?

Here's the companys site:

And a link to a site that analyzes the electronic parts:

Schumius 12-21-04 07:56 AM

it reminds me of the public bike in netherlands and denmark.

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