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krobinson103 03-29-12 01:02 AM

Ok... I've decided that I can ride 1000km a month
To further my grand plan to get fitter and lose weight I've set a weekly goal of 250km minimum a week,thus reaching 1000km a month. Since I already ride 26km a morning I'll get up at 4:40am instead of 5:00 and push that number to 40km. Then add on 2 50km rides (or better in the weekend). If I can ride 600km in 3 weeks (already done) then 1000 is possible. Besides, its sure to help get me back into shape.

I'm sure my wife will think I'm nuts, but this challenge looks fun. :)

Sixty Fiver 03-29-12 01:15 AM

34 km a day is not really that hard to do, especially if you are already riding 26km a day.

krobinson103 03-29-12 01:21 AM

26 is too easy. If I didn't have time contraints with 2 kids and my wife having to be out the door by 8am I'd be riding 50km every morning. Got 55km including commuting in today and it feels like... nothing. Not sure why the kilos don't want to fly off, think I might be managing 1kg a week at this rate. But my legs sure are getting stronger.

commo_soulja 03-29-12 01:22 AM

Be sure to give yourself a rest day or two...

krobinson103 03-29-12 01:28 AM

I think its this new bike. Thing fits like a glove and I think I could ride it all day if I wanted to. A bike the right size with decent componants surely makes a huge difference.

Machka 03-29-12 01:55 AM

You might want to move this thread to the Long Distance forum ... and join the 1000-km month thread over there:

If you find 1000 km too easy, you might want to try the 1000-mile month challenge. :)

krobinson103 03-29-12 02:17 AM

Sadly there is insufficient time to do that. My wife, kids, house, and job require attention as well. If I could get my average speed to 30km/h or faster perhaps. But thats unlikely given the bike paths are full of Ninja Joggers dressed in black at 5am. It makes it a bit dangerous to go fast in certain sections.

StephenH 03-29-12 08:46 PM

What helps me get my mileage up is to do long rides on weekends. Otherwise, it's a challenge.

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