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ddashoff699 03-29-12 10:33 AM

What cross levers are compatible with caliper brakes?
I want to add a pair of cross lever brakes to my road bike's drop bars. It already has a standard front-facing pair.

Also, how do they work? I'm looking at these pictures, and they don't make sense to me:,r:14,s:0

MilitantPotato 03-29-12 01:28 PM

I'm pretty sure they all do unless stated otherwise.
You just cut the brake housing where ya want the lever to go*. You may need to trim a CM or two off the housing, and may also need a ferrule or two extra, depending on the design of the lever. I just needed one ferrule for the nashbar version, and ended up not trimming the brake cable.

*Be sure to finish the housing ends with a file, or cut it with a dremel.

fietsbob 03-29-12 02:36 PM

Its the aero type brake lever and the cross lever that may be feeling
like they are slightly different,
because the cable pull ratios are different..

They work by spreading the brake Housing, so relativity.. as if shortening the cable.

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