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skydive69 12-28-04 03:52 PM

More Colorado Cyclist Bad Service
I noted another thread about the tribulations of dealing with Colorado Cyclist, and I have one that makes me think that no one is home. I ordered a couple of cycling items for a xmas present on 12-14-04. About an hour after making the order, I decided to add something so I telephoned customer service and was informed that my order was already shipped. That same day, I ordered some items from Performance. The Performance items arrived in a timely manner for xmas, but nothing from Colorado.

Yesterday when I called customer service to ask what their policy would be versus the shipping charges when I returned the items if and when they arrived, I was informed that there is no evidence that my order was ever processed. WTF? I did receive an email confirmation of the order when I made it.

I will no longer do business with a bunch of space cadets - which apparently Colorado has in great supply on their staff.

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