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giant99 12-31-04 04:55 PM

Happy new year
:beer: Just like wish everyone Happy new year. And the best in 2005.

GeezerGeek 12-31-04 06:40 PM


Moonshot 12-31-04 07:08 PM

I'll tap a Sam Adams to your favorite beverage on that. :beer:

Guest 12-31-04 07:32 PM

Happy New Year! :beer:

Make mine a Schlitz!


Bop Bop 12-31-04 08:34 PM

A happy, healthy and good riding New Year to all.

my58vw 12-31-04 08:45 PM

happy new year! Be safe now!

Trekke 12-31-04 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by koffee brown
Happy New Year! :beer:

Make mine a Schlitz!


Haven't heard that in a while. Seriously I don't know a person that drinks Schlitz. I may need to get out more often. Happy New Year and have a great 2005. :)

P.S. I enjoy your post and your Avitar.

Take Care

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