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Tassafaronga 01-02-05 12:03 PM

Mongoose RULZ
Ok, I'm a "roadie" and an old one at that, (51). Most of the postings I've read here are MTB-oriented and the ones pertaining to Mongoose products have been less than complimentary.
Having said that, I simply want to go on record as saying that while the MTB crowd may be right as far as the off-road models go, they are way off base concerning the IBOC family of road bikes.
I've owned two IBOC's; the Champion (all carbon fibre) and my current ride, the Road (composite: carbon fibre and aluminum). Both bikes 58cm. The Champion had Spinergy's but my Road has Mavic aero rims.
Riding both Shimano(Champion) and Campy's(Road), I prefer the Campy setup. Shifting is smoother and way easier than Shimano's approach. Both bikes had/have Kinesis aluminum forks.
The rear triangle mimics Mongoose's curved MTB styling but the dropouts are uneffected and it is purely cosmetic. Both bikes: Look pedals.
I had to sell my Champion after a bad move to Denver,(awful city to live in, great city to ride in) but was lucky enough to find a used IBOC Road on eBAY. Imagine, $250. for an IBOC! Not a scratch and sweet!
Ok, so she's old. Did I mention I'm 51?? An 8 speed cassette keeps me off the really steep hills but I can motivate on the level with the best of 'em! The bottom bracket is solid, no twist when I crank it in. The main triangle is "spongy" without any negatives. The aluminum rear triangle seems to compliment the main frame without any bad habits. I wish I could post a photo! I love the "burple" color. I wrapped a pair of Scott double curved handle bars in yellow and along with the day-glo green decals and lettering? AWESOME!
So knock the Mongoose MTB, Wal-Mart stuff all day long but you'll hafta go a LONG way to find a better entry-level road bike with the features and benefits that an older-model IBOC road bike can provide. Daggone crime...
Mongoose moved away from the road scene....maybe I can find an old titanium frameset next!

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