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timhines 01-04-05 09:37 AM

How can I determine stem size?
I looked up my bike's specs on specialized's website. all it states about the stem is: STEM 3D forged alloy, 10 degree rise

What do I need to know about my stem in order to replace it?

Retro Grouch 01-04-05 09:56 AM

1. Fork steerer size. Usually 1 1/8".
2. Handlebar clamp size. Usually 25.4mm for flat bars and 26.0mm for drop bars.
3. Angle - a tricky one 0 and 90 degrees are the same. Go from there.
4. Length - another tricky one:
Extension is the hypotenuse distance.
Reach is the distance parallel to the ground.
Make sure your that seller is using the same definition that you are. Most of the time the measurement they give you is the hypotenuse distance so you might have to do some figuring to determine what you really need.

timhines 01-04-05 10:01 AM

Hmm. Maybe I just need to visit a bike store and talk to someone. I'm new and dont' quite get the lingo yet.

I'm wanting a shorter stem, but not much shorter. Thanks for the help grouch

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