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Pt_correa 01-05-05 11:43 AM

Anyone ever use a Cage Rocket?
My Wife gave me this thing for Christmas called a Cage Rocket. I had never seen one before. It's a little compartment that fits into your water bottle cage. I tried it out the other day on my commute. Pretty cool, 'cause it's easier to get into than a behind-the-seat bag. I put my sunglasses and energy bars in there. Only $10 US.

Anyone else ever use one of these things?

RoadToad 01-05-05 12:03 PM

You know, that is a very good idea. I used to use an old gatorade bottle (wide mouth) to store my keys, etc. in. But this is much cooler. Thanks!

Fugazi Dave 01-05-05 03:42 PM

Very interesting idea. I'm bookmarking this.

MadMan2k 01-05-05 09:19 PM

Where do you put your water bottle then?

Pt_correa 01-06-05 09:58 AM

In my hydro pack if I'm mountain biking. On my road bike I have a saddle rail bracket, so I have four cages on that bike.

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