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Jay H 01-05-05 12:00 PM

SRAM 5.0 PowerGlide II 8 Speed Cassette
Looking at getting a new 8 spd chain and cassette. I'm a fan of the Sachs (now SRAM) PC58, but I have been using them on Shimano LX or XT 8 speed cassettes. However, they are quite costly, at least compared to the SRAM 8spd one can get with the PC58 from Performance for $33 as a combo deal. My only experience with non-Shimano cassettes was with a Nashbar 8 spd one which was horrible. With a new PC58 on my studded tires, it never shifted well, no matter how much I adjusted the barrels and it went to rust after like a couple uses.

How would the SRAM cassette hold up to all season commuting. Given that I'd be using the same-brand chain, I'd hope it would be compatible. I know the PC58 works fine with my Shimano cassettes...

thanks for any input!


Raiyn 01-05-05 05:06 PM

I've used SRAM cassettes for years on my commuter - I won't use anything else. I had run 5.0's on it prior to converting to 9 speed. I now run a R.9 road cassette on that bike.

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