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First Bike Moments/Memorable Bike Moments?

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First Bike Moments/Memorable Bike Moments?

Old 05-30-12, 12:27 PM
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First Bike Moments/Memorable Bike Moments?

I am just curious: what were some people's first experiences with a bike? Or Most Memorable? I know a lot of people just picked up riding when they were young easily, but others not so much.

When I was a kid I had a bike with training wheels, but I was never able to ride it when I took the training wheels off. Eventually, i outgrew my bike became afraid of riding them since I had a lack of balance. When i was 16, I went back to my mother's hometown, which was a rural place with nothing to do. At my grandparent's house was a old and rusty single gear cruiser. I learned how to ride out of boredom and it was the funnest thing I did that summer, no one could get me off that bike lol.

What are youre thoughts?
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Old 05-30-12, 05:33 PM
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These are back frm when I was 11 or 12 years old. An age where boys can have truly memorable experiences.

There was the time a buddy of mine was riding my bike and ran over a dead skunk.

Riding down the snowmobile trail and going through the ice on the creek. Several times.

Heading down a steep curvy road on a cruiser and when I backpedal to brake the chain snaps. Became acquainted with a barb wire fence that afternoon.
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Old 05-30-12, 06:11 PM
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My first bike race when I was 7, in 1973. I got 2nd. 3 1/2 miles. about killed me.
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Old 05-30-12, 07:11 PM
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That I never had training wheels and learned to ride a bike before I could walk(18mos old), in the hallway of a trailer house on a tiny bike with 5" wheels(my mom's boyfriend got it for me as a joke, jakes on him!)
That my second bike was a 20" pink & creme bike with a banana seat & girly handlebars, when all I really wanted(and asked Santa for) was a blue BMX bike with gold rims like my best friend Dale had. I cried Christmas morning when I saw that bike under the tree. I feel bad now, knowing my parents were Santa and we were dirt poor at the time.
That when I was 14 and I still had that damn bike, I spray painted it black and put BMX handlebars & a seat on it, and my mom was super mad at me! But I rode that thing into the ground while I had it.
My first real & saved for & chosen bike was a $1700 Voodoo Bantu. But I was so worried it would get stolen that I never rode it! Instead, I rode a cheap chrome 24" Redline Cruiser.
That for 11 years, as my youngest was growing up & him being Autistic and afraid of getting hurt, I sold all my bikes & stopped riding. Life got in the way.
That as of April 29th 2012, I got back on the bike and here I am. I knew I missed it, I just never realized how much biking is "me". Feels good to be back.
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Old 05-30-12, 10:26 PM
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A memorable moment:

...ride in the dark ~2am with a ~500 lumens bike light...road and trees all lit up by bike light...blue light power button lit up the bike it was so dark out...cool air...deer at roadside...no cars, really...so quiet...just the swooshing of the wheels as I whooshed down the streets...

Funny moment:
Chatting with a lady after we helped an elderly woman. I was sitting on the bike, clipped in with the right foot on the ground. Leaned too far left and s-l-o-w-l-y went down. Nothing I could do to stop it....so embarrasing...

Many memorable moments just enjoying the beauty of God's creation while riding the bike...the trees against the blue sky...sunsets...green grass...cool breezes...picturesque lakes...forests...aromatic smells...animals...

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Old 05-31-12, 05:53 AM
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I was 6 years old and my brother was pushing me after taking off the training wheels. I turned the corner and thought he was still pushing me. When i looked around he wasn't and there i realized I was riding.

First real bike injure: i had sandals on and my friend was riding the cross bar. Could not get slowed down to make the curve and sc****d the ends of my toes on the fall. i was about 14 years old
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Old 05-31-12, 07:28 AM
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1. I learned to ride later than most kids in my neighborhood, maybe 8 or so. All the bikes around that I tried to learn on were too big for me, and falling from them was pretty painful. But I managed fine on an old scooter, so I knew balance wasn't an issue, so when someone had a smaller bike, one I could straddle easily, I walked it to the end of our street and coasted all the way back down, a very gentle slope of about a half mile. That gave me all the confidence I needed to get a bike of my own and ride it.

2. My first race at about age 29. Got swallowed up in a huge "citizen's class" (nowadays called Cat 5) peloton, but had a blast. Enough so that I got a real racing bike the next season and entered a bunch more.

3. My first race on the racing bike, a mid-'80s Gitane Tour de France, where I "podiumed" for the first and only time in my life. The leaders rode away and I was left in a duel with one other rider, who passed me with one lap of the circuit to go. I hopped on his wheel and rested for the last lap, until the final turn, where I took advantage of his overly-wide line and cut inside to beat him to the finish. I hadn't seen the leaders in so long it came as a complete surprise to me that I had been racing for 3rd place. I'd assumed there were way more riders ahead of me. I had to climb up on a straw bale podium and thought my legs were going to collapse under me.
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Old 05-31-12, 04:41 PM
Pedaled too far.
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At age 5 1/2 I checked the book Curious George Rides A Bike out of the elementary school library. Reading it, I decided that if Curious George knew how to ride a bike, that there was no reason I couldn't teach myself the same skill.

I went over to a female friend's house and got permission to use her bike, figuring that the step-through frame would be easier to learn on. A couple of hours later in her driveway, I had taught myself balancing, pedaling, stopping and turning.

The book had other benefits in my life. It contained instructions on how to fold a paper boat. That lead to folding paper airplanes and then to winning a bronze medal in the 2nd Great International Paper Airplane Contest shortly after graduating college.

I celebrated the victory by going out for a ride on my bike with a brand-new wheelset that had never been used. On the ride I hit a pothole that put big dings in both rims.
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I don't care if you are on a unicycle, as long as you're not using a motor to get places you get props from me. We're here to support each other. Share ideas, and motivate one another to actually keep doing it.

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