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Luquin 05-30-12 08:21 PM

I need help choosing my first rode bike
I basically came to 3 choices. All used basically off of Craigs

A year old schwinn prelude for 250. Looks ok. Upgraded tires and components. All Shimano.

A centurion le mans for 300. Looks in good condition. Shimano as well.

Or a k2 Mach 2.0 for 275. The seller said its built for 5'9" to 6'1" but I'm 5'6". He said its adjustable and spacers can be removed but I don't know how much it can lowered. This is my favorite so far but the size is the only issue. I will definitely ride which it before I buy.

I know I need to try them out but id like to know your opinions of these bikes and what would be most reliable and sturdy. Im planning to use it to ride to school twice a week. 12 miles each way. This is my firstosr and first rode bike. Thanks guys

SurlyLaika 05-31-12 01:27 AM

Shimano doesn't mean much. It's just a brand. There's extremely low and high end stuff from them. Wiki Shimano and you'll see their groups ranked in a hierarchy, but even a Tiagra or Sora component group will serve you well if you maintain it. Also, most important thing is that it fits. Honestly, between CL and Bikesdirect, I'd rather go with BD...even if I have to spend an extra $100. I think $400 on BD can get you something decent. I've bought a few bikes off CL and they always have hidden problems that really don't appear until 2 weeks after the fact. I'd rather just buy new and cheap, factory direct. Bikes are a long term purchase. I'd hold off on pulling the trigger and do a bit of research. Give it two weeks. Stick around here and keep asking questions. You'll learn a lot.

Also, it's road bike as in I rode my road bike yesterday. Rode is the irregular past tense of ride.

xenologer 05-31-12 03:02 AM

Well, the first bike you rode is probably buried in your parents attic someplace, if at that.
Do you remember what make/model it was?


Avoid the k2, its a junky dept store bike
same goes for the schwinn
both are being sold for More than they cost New btw, so dont get scammed

centurion if you can ride it and if you can knock 100$ off the price (argue that it'll cost you at least that much to fix the worn out drivetrain and overhaul the hubs, etc)

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