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karakingsley 06-04-12 07:55 AM

Tall Man Bicycle Suggestions
I am looking to get my Boyfriend on a bike this summer. He’s pretty tall, 6 foot 7 inches, 38 inch inseam. What size of frame would he need? What would be too small? I’m looking to get one off CL for somewhat cheap since I’m not sure how often he will ride it. Another words, it doesn’t need to fit perfectly, just “good enough”.

Thank You Thank You Thank You :)


JReade 06-04-12 08:23 AM

ALmost everything will be too small on CList. Road or Mtn bike?

karakingsley 06-04-12 08:32 AM

Originally Posted by JReade (Post 14310935)
ALmost everything will be too small on CList. Road or Mtn bike?

Probably MTN Bike.

JReade 06-04-12 08:39 AM

What region are you in?

karakingsley 06-04-12 08:55 AM

Wichita, KS.

MichaelW 06-04-12 08:57 AM

You need the largest you can find, and that will be too small.
Trek do MTBs up to 23" size. The critical dimension isn't the "size" of 23" but the horizontal reach from saddle to handlebars. Compare bike sizes using the online geometry charts and look for "top tube" or "effective top tube" dimensions.
For Trek 23" this is 26.1"
For Giant XL it is 25"

You should also consider the largest wheel size. Normal 26" MTB wheels are tiny in a frame this size. Fortunately, you can get larger 29" (29er) wheels which are perfect for big guys.

You should also look for a frame with threaded eyelets for fitrting a luggage rack and fenders. Allows the bike to be used for commuting and touring.
I dont know if anyone makes bigger than Trek in their 29er range. Ask in the Clydsdale forum.

Shimagnolo 06-04-12 09:02 AM

I know the OP was talking about a mtn bike, but there is one production *road* bike that *might* be tall enough:

JReade 06-04-12 02:32 PM

I'm 6'5" and I ride a 23 inch frame. Maxed out the size, but you can always get a longer stem if you need a little more reach. I find my bike very comfortable, but thats ME. It might be wise to take him to a bike shop and see what they recommend, and he can ride a few different sizes and see what will work.

lungimsam 06-04-12 05:51 PM

Get him an "A. Homer Hilsen" model, made by Rivendell bikes. They specifically make sizes of it for the tall rider.

And tell Grant Peterson to give me a discount for the reference.

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