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billyymc 06-05-12 11:14 AM

Any guys using a women's saddle?
Bought a Terry Butterfly for my wife's road bike. When i got on the thing to test it, I really liked the saddle. Granted, her bike is setup much different from mine, so I'd have to test it on my setup to know how it felt that way -- but I'm considering getting one for my Tricross Comp. The saddle that came with it seems ok (it's a 2007) but the Butterfly really felt a lot nicer on a short ride.

I know Terry makes a (men's) Fly also - but it has differnent dimensions from the Butterfly. Just wondering if any guys were riding on a women's saddle - and how it fits you. I have no masculinity issues with riding a women's saddle :)

fietsbob 06-05-12 11:30 AM

Fizik Vitesse.. 1 CP 3, on a thud-buster post, 2 thru Brompton dealer,
its the HP shell
The Brompton, batch order, has a higher clearance steel rail bend.

unisex, really, asexual, saddles, them selves have no gender.

though if you did not win the Giro D Italia,
you may have a feeling about pink stuff.

Artkansas 06-05-12 06:54 PM

I ride a womens Avocet 02 saddle on my utility bike. The cover is just about worn out. But it shows me where the contact points are, right at the edges of the saddle. If that saddle were any narrower, I'd be off on both sides.

ThermionicScott 06-05-12 07:28 PM

My first Brooks was (is) a B17S. At the time, I used shorter saddles because I wanted more space under my... y'know what. It works fine, but I've switched to buying regular "men's" saddles. ;)

Mr. Beanz 06-05-12 08:07 PM

I ride a Terry Fly men's and really like it. If the dimensions you like are of the Butterfly, you may like the Men's Liberator. I also have one and it seems the dimensions are more like the Butterfly. Might be a lot cheaper too if you find one on sale. I have gellissimo liberator I paid $45 at Performance but have seen them for $80 elsewhere.:eek:

Don in Austin 06-05-12 10:32 PM

I just bought another one on E-bay. The model is discontinued. Of all the saddles I have tried, what works best for me on a long ride is a woman's Specialized Jett 155mm:

Don in Austin

a1penguin 06-06-12 01:36 AM

If your sit bones are on the wider side, buy a saddle that fits your wider sit bones.

Jamesw2 06-06-12 03:27 AM

Here is an article that may help

And at We Keep You Cycling a fitting tool

Some people say i am a wise ask and i say i have a educated one

Monster Pete 06-06-12 03:49 AM

Just use whatever saddle fits your anatomy. Simple as that. Aside from marketing, the saddle (and indeed the entire bicycle) has no gender.

billyymc 06-06-12 01:09 PM

Thanks for the replies. Going to measure my sit bones this weekend, and also put the Butterfly on my bike and see how it works. On my wife's bike, it definitely felt better than the saddle I'm currently riding, but I only rode it around the block.

Beanz - the Fly measure's a bit less in width than my current saddle. Again - have to measure the sit bones.

shelbyfv 06-06-12 07:04 PM

I ride the Fizik Vitesse. I bought the first one for my wife but she didn't like it. I tried it and it worked for me. Now I watch ebay for them. They aren't very durable and the new ones don't suit me as well.

StanSeven 06-06-12 07:11 PM

Not a single comment yet about wearing panties. The 41 is getting to disapoint

Mr. Beanz 06-06-12 07:43 PM

Originally Posted by billyymc (Post 14321994)
Beanz - the Fly measure's a bit less in width than my current saddle. Again - have to measure the sit bones.

I was actually recommending the men's Terry Liberator. It measures 6 inches across while the Fly only measures 4.75 inches ;)

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