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ojv143 06-08-12 07:51 AM

First Road Bike
Just getting into road biking and looking for a decent first bike. Interested in Specialized, Cannondale maybe Trek. I am an old fart who is getting into triathlons, and biking as well but also realistic that I don't need to get a high end road bike at the start unless I move up to longer tris (which I would like to do eventually as a challenge). Used relative's Specialized Allez for a bit to do my first sprint tri but I can't expect him to go without while I use his bike. I have been checking ebay, craigs lists and LBS for prices. LBS is a given but not sure how is reasonable for a used bike. Would love to hear what is reasonable for a similar bike to the Specialized Allez (105 components). Size 56cm and 105 not a requirement. I saw a 2007 Specialized Elite triple with 105 rear derailleur and rest is Tiagra for $650 but not sure if this is good price or not. Original cost was $1100 and haven't a clue as to how to judge what is reasonable and not looking to steal a bike but don't want to be taken for a ride. Thanks.

Retro Grouch 06-08-12 08:51 AM

Shop for a bike shop first.

When you find the shop that has people who seem to be asking the "right" questions and who seem to be truely interested in maximizing your riding experience - that's it!

Pick out the style you want in a price range you can live with and you'll never go wrong.

ojv143 06-08-12 09:26 AM

Thanks for the advice. I do have a two local shops I have visited that the bikers in my workplace like and recommend. The one in my local town I don't have confidence in the guys who work the maintenance side. Couldn't solve a simple tire valve problem on the Specialized I used last year. Both shops have the bikes I have been interested in so unless I get a super deal on a used one, I will most likely get one from one of them. One even offers free basic tune-ups for as long as you own the bike if you get it from them and they have a good rep as well but are a Trek dealer. The other has a great rep (no maintenance deals) as well and does Cannondale and Specialized as well as Felt. Since I am new I figured I would stick with brands I know have been around awhile.

Retro Grouch 06-08-12 10:50 AM

Which one do you think will do the better job of fitting the bike to you? That would mean more to me than lifetime basic tune ups.

Retro Grouch 06-08-12 10:56 AM

Oh - and if you're really an old fart, you're in the wrong forum. You should be posting in 50+. You'll get the benefit of experience without the attitude. Just don't use the term "old fart" or Denver will take you to task.

ojv143 06-08-12 11:08 AM

I checked out the 50+ and that forum wasn't very interesting. I found a lot some of the posts were more concerned with comfort and just getting excercise because of docs orders that I would ask questions elsewhere. I am older (won't use that term you mentioned) but keep up with guys half my age (not necessarily competitive athletes) and like to push myself a bit as I have always done in the past. Flew jets off carriers in my first career and haven't lost the drive that kept me going in that life. I was more of a motorcycle and MTB rider than a road rider so this is a new direction for me and I find that I really enjoy it. On the shop it may be a toss-up on the fit but I agree that that is an important point. Before I plunk the $$ down, I will be revisiting both shops. Both have offered to set up any bike to my fit to allow for test rides which I will do. Thanks for the reply as well.

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