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jreyez 06-09-12 12:54 AM

What type of U-Lock should I get on amazon that's has a good brand name and reputation along with effectiveness/etc?


catonec 06-09-12 12:58 AM

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nd2010 06-09-12 08:59 AM

Kryptonite Evolution Mini

TwoFourOne 06-09-12 09:08 AM

I ordered this one (On Guard Bulldog Mini DT U-Lock with 4' Cable), and it seems to do the job nicely. I got it because I didn't think the Kryptonite Evo Mini would be big enough for the things I wanted to lock my bike to. The cable is a nice addition, as well.

Face Palm 06-09-12 03:01 PM

I have the Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit, which is about as strong a u-lock as you can get. Combined with a cable for the front wheel.

It's pretty massive, but you probably won't have to worry about your bike being there when you get back. People complain about the weight, but honestly if you throw it in a messenger bag it's not bad. Pretend you have a textbook and a water bottle in there. Or if you have a rear rack, strap it to that. One thing you won't find is an effective tube clamp for it.

zonatandem 06-09-12 03:04 PM

Have never used a U-lock.

catonec 06-09-12 03:20 PM

Omiak 06-11-12 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by catonec (Post 14334624)

This only applies if you buy a used kryptonite u lock from several years ago.

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