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RayM 06-10-12 07:38 AM

Veloshine Bike Wipes
Does anyone use these or have an opinion of them? I'm looking for something for quick clean-up of a new carbon frame road bike. I shopped the two LBS yesterday but neither carry them so this will be an online purchase.

Though I didn't find the wipes I was looking for I had a very interesting experience at the first shop where a young employee discussed at length with me why I shouldn't keep my bike clean or lube my chain. He was quite passionate about both points which were new to me and I've been riding since well before he was born.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

ahsposo 06-10-12 08:12 AM

Well I don't agree with him on the chain bit unless he's referring to a brand new chain. One of the stupidest things you can do is remove the factory lube from a chain prematurely.

As to those wipes I'm sure they are convenient. I'm not very anal about having a clean bike but everybody's different. When I wash my bike (and I'll be riding on damp roads today so I will this afternoon) I'll pop the chain off and spray it down with a garden hose and use a cotton rag with a cleaner/degreaser sprayed on the rag to wipe it down. I'll clean the chain in a roughly 60/40 solution of mineral spirits/30 wt. motor oil. After the bikes dry I'll lube the pivots of the brakes and shifters with TriFlow or the like.

johnny99 06-10-12 09:15 AM

I use Pledge Wipes to clean my frame.

Jeff Wills 06-10-12 10:46 AM

+1 on Pledge. I keep a can of it in the garage- good for quick cleaning and it cuts the grease.

FWIW: chain cleaning and lubrication is one of those subjects that's been going on since the beginning of time. Google it and your computer will explode.

RayM 06-10-12 03:54 PM

I keep my older bike (a Motobecane Sprint) reasonably clean but thorough cleanings come only before an organized ride or after getting caught in the rain. It's not a real attractive bike anyway and a little shine doesn't help much. My Bianchi is different. It's gorgeous and I currently wipe it down after each ride with a damp rag, but as you know, that just tends to smear any grease. I wonder how safe the Pledge would be on the finish of the carbon frame.

Machka 06-10-12 07:24 PM

Baby wipes work as well.

ahsposo 06-11-12 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by RayM (Post 14337872)
. I wonder how safe the Pledge would be on the finish of the carbon frame.

I wonder how safe any wipe would be if the sand and grit isn't washed off first. Seems to me wiping down a sandy bike would turn that wipe into something like sandpaper. That will dull the clearcoat for sure.

Garfield Cat 06-15-12 08:24 AM

Depending on the day of the ride, sometimes there's a lot of road grime that gets stuck on the frame, most common is the down tube, bottom bracket, and chain stays. Even the under side of the saddle and seat post gets crud from the splash through puddles.

That road grime is like sand paper if you wipe it down with any type of material in a vigorous manner. I use the rags they sell at the auto parts store, the cheap red one's from India. But its more important to first examine the bike for the type of road grime that on there and how you go about removing it. Its not that important about the fancy types of cloths to do the job.

If i know there is a lot of grime or big chunks of dirt, I carefully wipe it off with a wetted down cloth. I rinse the cloth to avoid the "sand paper" effect. Most carbon bike frames have a clear coating on it. What you don't want to do is to create scratches on that. After the wiping is done, and once in a while I use the Meguiars spray on auto detailer to give it a nice shine

Bob Ross 06-15-12 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by johnny99 (Post 14336623)
I use Pledge Wipes to clean my frame.

I've used Pledge Wipes to shine up my frame after I've cleaned it...always found them a bit too fragile to do a good job actually cleaning the frame once it's got a decent amount of gook caked on it.

I was given a couple packs of Veloshines for free not too long ago (swag from a cycle club meeting) and while I probably won't bother buying more once these run out, I do like them better than the Pledge Wipes for precisely that reason: They're tough enough that you can go to town on a dirty frame with them and get it both clean and shiney.

But when I run out of Veloshines I'll probably just go back to using paper towels & Simple Green. Or leaving my bike dirty, which seems to be my recent trend.

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