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rfields 06-10-12 11:13 AM

Where is the serial number?
I just bought and built up a slightly used ~2008 CIOCC Mutant 850 carbon road bike. I want to record the serial number for insurance purposes but I can't find it. Any ideas where I should be looking? It's not on the bottom of the BB shell as far as I can see.

sk0tt 06-10-12 08:15 PM

Some serial numbers are on the head tube, around the top of the BB shell or the dropouts.

rfields 06-11-12 12:20 PM

Thanks. I took off the rear wheel and looked at both sides of the dropouts. I looked all around the BB and head tube and even took off the seat post clamp to see if it was under there. I guess it's possible that it never got a serial number. I don't see any place that a riveted plate might have been.

demoncyclist 06-11-12 12:33 PM

It is usually stamped into the metal- not on a plate.

rfields 06-12-12 08:53 PM

The only metal on the frame is the rear drop outs so I guess I'll have to look at them again, more carefully.

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