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flyingscotsman 01-08-05 08:26 PM

Cycling and scrapbooks
My wife loves to scrapbook, just as expensive as cycling for a hobby, bigest complaint from the wife is she can hardly find any scrapbooking cycling related items.

Went today to srapbook store with her :- :eek:

I found one bike sticker, one cut out MTB (no road bikes in site), and paper with a tire on it.

Does anyone have any siggestions for cycling scrapbooking supplies for my wife?


PanPanX 01-08-05 09:02 PM

i would say get a digital camera and just take your own pictures for the scrap book. or draw your own, or get/download stuff off the internet and print it out.

lusterwand 01-08-05 11:29 PM

Hi Scottie, You can get clear sticky 'lables or sheets' that are 'computer printer' friendly. :)

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