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jgold16 06-13-12 02:41 PM

Advise on these new bikes?
Hey, I am looking to buy a new bike from bikesdirect and was wondering if anyone had experience with these models or any advise on which might be a better option. These are all carbon forks. Is that even necessary for me? How much will I be able to tell the difference? I will primarily using it for commuting and some longer weekend rides (10-25 mi). (Priced at $345, it was on the previous page)

This is the link to their selection ( I would try Craigslist but I have been burned too many times.


fietsbob 06-13-12 02:48 PM

Carbon Fiber is never necessary, to riding a bike..

jgold16 06-13-12 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 14352310)
Carbon Fiber is never necessary, to riding a bike..

I know it is not necessary, but is it worth the extra $100 or so?

SlimRider 06-13-12 03:22 PM

Welcome To Bike Forums, JGold!

Will you be climbing any hills?

Yes! All of these bikes are of decent quality.

Carbon fiber forks usually make for a smoother ride. I personally, wouldn't want to traverse too many potholes with them though.

Carbon fiber is a very strong material. However, there have been cases where they have cracked upon pothole impact. Perhaps that was some time ago, but it still gives me the jitters.

Personally, I'd feel safer with the Gravity Liberty CX bike. Besides, since it's a cyclocross bike, you'll have greater clearance for wider tires, just in case of any off road ventures you might wanna take. Those wider tires will also become useful in winter riding, or any rough terrain situation.

The Liberty, is therefore, a more versatile bike! ;)

rebel1916 06-13-12 06:13 PM

I had a Wellington 3.0 as my first road bike. It was a great way to get my feet wet on pavement without spending a ton of cash. The 2600 brifters feel chintzy but work surprisingly well. Threadless stem is a nice touch at that price point. It's heavy for a modern road bike, but overall, I have nothing bad to say about it. I rode it for a couple of years and my buddy has been putting miles on it since with no major problems. Ignore the carbon alarmists, there is nothing wrong with carbon, and that fork will smooth out the ride a hair.

a1penguin 06-15-12 12:05 AM

You can try the search function to see if there are any reviews on those specific models. They look pretty similar and are probably comparable quality.

ben4345 06-15-12 12:42 AM

Carbon fiber will help absorbing the small bumps on the road, they will take pot holes just fine. Ask me how I know ;)

Retro Grouch 06-15-12 06:03 AM

It's June. That's a common question this time of year. Is this a college campus bike?

If it is, my advice is to get a POS. That way you won't feel so bad if it gets stolen.

sevenmag 06-15-12 07:33 AM

With all things being pretty much equal with all three of them, I'd think hard about what type of riding you'll be doing, and what the roads are like. The Liberty will take a more of a beating being the cyclocross frame, if you like being down in the drops more and ride more aggressively sometimes the Windsor would be the better choice. With the Galaxy set up as a flat bar bike it's much more suited for commuting and such. I'd try to figure out what best suits you over the long haul what you'll be doing the most of on the bike you pick.

jgold16 06-18-12 03:38 PM

I have a 34.5 in inseam so I was going to go with a 60 cm frame. However, I am having a hard time finding a 60 cm frame. Would I be OK with a a 58.5 cm frame?

Drew Eckhardt 06-18-12 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by jgold16 (Post 14373576)
I have a 34.5 in inseam so I was going to go with a 60 cm frame. However, I am having a hard time finding a 60 cm frame. Would I be OK with a a 58.5 cm frame?

You might be unable to buy a stem that's long enough to get comfortable. OR not - this really depends on other dimensions of the frame (top tube length, head tube length, head and seat tube angles) and you (torso and arm length).

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