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fastnhard 06-14-12 08:53 PM

You have two road bikes ...
Two of the exact same bike. A stock entry-mid-level road bike. Under a grand in cost per bike. You don't need two, so you decide to turn one into a different style bike.

What do you do with the bikes? Do you keep one as your road bike and turn one into a commuter? cyclocross? single speed?

Interested to hear what YOU would do. Please don't tell me to do what is best for my needs. I'm interested to hear what you do, in your situation and lifestyle.


Velo Dog 06-14-12 10:05 PM

When I was faced with that situation, I hybridized one. This was probably 10 years ago, and I had a Trek and Motobecane with similar geometry and about equal components. The Trek had room for fatter tires, so I put on 700x37s and a larger cassette. Eventually I went to flat bars, too. I did gravel roads and fire trails on it; had a lot of fun. The Moto got skinnier tires (I weigh 240, so I don't use anything smaller than 28mm) and was used for road rides and an occasional century. I still have the Trek, now a singlespeed, and ride it often.

SlimRider 06-14-12 10:12 PM

I'd convert one to a commuter bike and keep the other for recreation.

Mr. Beanz 06-14-12 10:16 PM

A mid level road bike for under a grand? WHERE, WHERE? :D

a1penguin 06-14-12 11:43 PM

Sell it and buy a bike you want?

xenologer 06-15-12 01:03 AM

this question would be so much easier if it wasnt 2 Road bikes. they're just so limited in how far you can change them.... limited tire clearance, caliper brakes only, lacking rack and fender capacity, ugh... with that kind of limited canvas I wouldn't want 2 of them
I'd sell one and buy a mtb

Now, if I had 2 Surly Trolls, that'd be awesome
one in cargo/touring/utility
one in fat tire mtb
or with skinny tires as a fast commuter

chasm54 06-15-12 01:08 AM

You need to tell me more about the bikes. If they have the fixings for racks and mudguards, I might consider using one as a commuter/light tourer. A fixed gear conversion might be an option, too. But I might well be more tempted to sell one and get something more different, or to sell both and get a better road bike.

JimF22003 06-15-12 01:32 AM

I have two pretty similar road bikes. I set up one with wide range gearing (compact with an 11/28 cassette) for the mountains, and other with narrower range standard gearing for riding locally and on flat routes.

Phil_gretz 06-15-12 06:25 AM

I Don't Understand The Question
Determine which of the two meets my needs best, in terms of fit, comfort, capabilities, whathaveyou...

Sell the other one.

Who would need more than one bicycle?:innocent:

wahoonc 06-15-12 07:32 AM

N+1... what was the question? :rolleyes:

I have multiple "pairs" of bikes. Road, mountain, tour, folding, utility, whatever. None are set up identically, some have different gearing, some have different handlebars, some have lights for night riding some don't.

Aaron :)

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