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trail_rider 06-15-12 06:28 PM

Bad night
Well I went out to do a 10 mile night ride to finish up at 20mile day when I heard a loud crack from the back :cry:. I got back home and checked it out. I am pretty sure the rim is bent, because the wheel doesn't run true. The hub seems fine, the spokes seem fine, and the skewer looks good. Now im not a good bike mechanic, but i am pretty sure that is the problem. I have a 2012 sirrus base hybrid XL frame. I know im probably a little to big for it, I am 6' 4'' 260 lbs. I bought it from Eriks and hopefully that is covered on the warranty. I just bought it last August, so it isn't that old. From your guys experience do wheels go under the warranty, because i am pretty sure new ones are not cheap. What a nice way to start the weekend :notamused:

Machka 06-15-12 06:35 PM

Are you sure the spokes are fine?

gecho 06-15-12 06:54 PM

Could be the axle. A guy on our weekly ride had one break. He needed to unhook the rear brake due to the wobble, but was able to ride it rest of the night and all the way back home.

trail_rider 06-16-12 06:52 AM

Ya i guess it could be one of those two. I just dont know for sure, because they dont appear to be broken. O well it is going to the shop today then I will know the damage.

trail_rider 06-19-12 01:42 PM

Well guys I got it fixed a couple of days ago thankfully free by eriks. Did only 10 miles and it broke again. So now i'm in the process of buying a wheel with more spokes. Hopefully that fixes it. They are thinking a 36 spoke (I currently have 32) with thicker spokes.

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