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stevekk 06-16-12 06:24 PM

Anybody belong to the,I have question ?
I have trying to join the Schwinn Forum.
Got my new username and password.
Got an email from the Forum, say my membership is needing approval.

Problem.... I have been waiting for "approval" by the admins., and just waiting and waiting.
How long do I have to wait?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks... stevekk

PS ..same username at "schwinn".... stevekk

Nermal 06-16-12 11:29 PM

Are there any recent posts. Maybe nobody's home.

stevekk 06-17-12 08:32 AM

No, they are home. Admins just a sleep at the wheel.
The reason i want to join, I have 2 old Shwinns. A 60 and a 70's.

Also want to get a second opinion on tires available for 26" S6 Rim..... 597-347.
Hard to believe just Kenda K23 is the only tire.

Like I said... i am new here and just wanted to double check !!
Sure would like to buy a better tire.

ahsposo 06-17-12 09:30 AM

You might try posting your question in the Classic & Vintage forum on this site.

stevekk 06-18-12 05:30 AM

thanks.... thats real good advise.
Still learning about this Forum.

PS.... still haven't been accepted to the Schwinn Form.
I am still waiting and still want to join,
Somebody sent me a PM, that was a memeber of the Schwinn Forum, but I can not answer him back until I get 50 posts.
Just want to thanks him !!

stevekk 06-21-12 07:34 AM

I am still waiting for approval.

hillyman 06-21-12 08:22 AM

Are they doing a background check to see if you ever killed somebody with a Schwinn before? Geez.. dont think Id want to be a member if takes that long to join. Probably

RaleighSport 06-21-12 12:13 PM

I think it took 24 hours for my validate or whatever.. definitely not a priority over there.

stevekk 06-25-12 07:09 AM

I re-applied. Same username, same password.
Site wouldn't take it before, but this time did.

PS..I got another email, like before.... saying I need to wait for approval.
So maybe my first application fell thru the cracks!

Still would like to join this Forum, since I have 2 old Schwinns.
But this Forum has been great with all of you !!!

stevekk 06-26-12 08:06 AM

I was finally accepted!
Looks like a OK forum, with recent threads/ posts.

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