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chitown 01-09-05 03:26 PM

On Guard Locks
I recently got a new hybrid bike for a couple of hundred bucks. I decided to go with a on guard lock. They look like they can stand a good beating. Anyone else have any experience with these locks??
I will be parking it on the West side of Chicago in a extremely high crime area near a train stop.

Roody 01-09-05 05:43 PM

Do they have bike lockers in that train stop? A lot of them do around here.

(Well the truth is we don't even have trains so we don't have train stops, let alone bike lockers in the the train stations that we don't even have. But we do have a lot of bus stations and most of them do have bike lockers.)

Anyhoo...I'm still interested in hearing what people have to say about the lock because I'm in the market for one too.

alanbikehouston 01-10-05 04:32 AM

I have two OnGuard locks. The largest one (which weighs MORE than five pounds), and the "mini" size that is about two pounds. Most of the time, I use only the "mini", locking the rear wheel at 9 o'clock to a sturdy rack. I use an allen bolt and cable on my front wheel.

Based on tests in Europe and the UK, OnGuard makes top quality U-locks. Both legs of the U are locked, just like Kryptonite does with its NY lock. (Only ONE foot is locked on most Kryptonite models).

The only disadvantage is that the key will not turn until both feet are fully engaged. On my "mini" lock, I need to give the cross-bar a "slap" to get both feet engaged. They come with five thin, flat keys. Do NOT force the key, as they will break if forced.

Of course, the lock is NOT the most important factor in bike security. Selecting a high visibility, high traffic location, sturdy rack or locking post, and combining two or three types of locks greatly improves your security. I combine the OnGuard with a cable lock because crooks are lazy. They are unlikely to bother with a bike with two locks when so many bikes have just a $5 "toy" lock, or a good lock attached only to the front wheel, which has a quick release axle.

smurfy 01-15-05 08:21 PM

I have thier combination cable lock. I love mine. It's very well made and sturdy.

supcom 01-15-05 08:29 PM

For a high crime area I recommend you get two locks. Get a U-Lock and a security chain. OnGuard and Kryptonite both make these. Get the best ones they make. You will need two locks because one lock will not secure both wheels and the frame unless you remove the front wheel. And two locks means a thief has to spend time to defeat both. Using two different types of lock requires the thief to use two different methods to break them.

The locks will be heavy, but if you lock you bike at the same place every day you can leave the locks secured to the rack when you go home.

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