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Robert C 06-19-12 06:22 PM

Friction rash forming next to scrotum
Sorry ladies; but, there is no, "Men's cycling issues," sub-forum.

Here is the problem, I have been going for longer rides in the evening, about 20-30 miles per day and I am forming a rash that is leaving blood visible in my shorts. Yes, it hurts too.

It is on the right side near the base. That is the side the horn of the saddle is generally contacting. I tried changing sides on the saddle and it was very uncomfortable. I suspect that this is due to my leg length discrepancy (right, just to complicate the issue, my left leg is about 2cm longer than the right).

I tried cycling specific shorts. to be honest, they are worse. I suspect that they are worse because they probably move some while riding. I am in China so a recumbent is not a real option here (there are no recumbents).

I know this is an odd question; but, where does your scrotum generally rest while riding?
Any other suggestions?

Nermal 06-19-12 06:31 PM

To the left of the saddle horn, like all the other dangly bits.

Hey, if it's just a friction rash, it will probably respond to hydrocortisone cream twice a day. Wash and dry the uh, area before applying. This can sometimes work within a day and a half. If there is some kind of fungial action going on, it's a whole 'nuther story. I don't know your sources in China, but in the US, you can pick up a tube at any drugstore.

I doubt cycling shorts contribute to the problem, but you must have a reason for your opinion.

bkaapcke 06-19-12 07:41 PM

cortisone cream will help heal what you have now. Grease up with Vaseline before you ride to prevent it in the future. Bike shorts and chamois cream should work too. bk

2005trek1200 06-19-12 09:23 PM

First and foremost, danglies dangle different for everyone. Finding that junk pocket is trial and error, as well as important; cycling shorts should help to naturally create that "pocket." I am taking a wild guess that something got caught in the wrong place, and... yea.

Now that you have a legit saddle sore, you need to get that taken care of. Saddle Sore Ointment by Doc's Skincare is a great way to go, or a chamois cream that has a high concentration of tea tree oil.

Once your sores have healed, you should consider using a chamois cream consistently.

Robert C 06-19-12 10:13 PM

Well, I rode down to the pharmacy and got some Hydrocortisone butyrate cream. I will give it a try.

Nightshade 06-20-12 12:39 PM

Be VERY careful not to allow any sort of fungal infection to set in since Asia has some of the worst fungus in the world.

Keep "the boys" squeaky clean ,protected and dry!!!

SkippyX 06-20-12 12:54 PM

I predict far fewer hits than the female genitalia thread.

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