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Tandem Tom 06-20-12 03:42 PM

My wife's new Road Bike!
After having my wife try put a number of different bike both cf and aluminum frames we ordered the one she was most comfortable on today. She is getting a Giant Women's Avail 1. It is a aluminum frame with cf fork and 105 components. She could not really tell the difference between the cf frame so it did not seem to warrant the extra $. She has been riding a Schwinn hybrid so any new road bike is soooo much lighter. She did a few climbs with the demo and was impressed how much easier it was. Also just riding on the flats she was easily doing 15-17 mph without really trying.
So she picked this model in black/silver with the WHITE bar tape! Though that comes standard that has to go as it will get filty very fast.
So this bike will be added to our tandem and hybrids. My 30 year old road bike will most likely be replaced next year. I am considering a semi-custom steel frame road bike!!

a1penguin 06-21-12 12:45 AM

Excellent choice. I have a friend with an Avail and she likes it a lot.

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