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Wolfvegas 06-20-12 10:54 PM

Bikeforums foursquare
Okay, so I've seen this pulled off at other forums and it looks like a ton of fun! Here's how it works:

We start by picking a place that you have to get a picture of your bike in front of. Let's say a bowling alley, for example... The first person to get a picture of their bike in front of a weird bowling alley sign or a bowling alley, gets to pick the next place (challenge). It has to be something reasonable, and if nobody gets the picture within a week, the person who picked it has to pick something else instead.

Pictures have to be taken AFTER the challenge and CANNOT be old photos. No photoshopping! Other forums kept this going for months!


1.) If a picture is being disputed whether it should qualify or not, it needs 3 votes (by any forum members participating) to be accepted.

2.) All pictures have to be taken while out of the car, no driving by and have a friend snap them.

3.) No action shots, illegal activities or items, duplicate challenges, or pics from in your car. You really have to go, stop, get out, take the picture, post it.

4.) If challenge has not been completed within 1 week, the person who picked it has to pick a new challenge.

5.) After 3 days, if the challenge hasn't been fulfilled, the person who picked it can take the photo themselves and win twice in a row. They will then pick a new challenge again.

6.) Make sure if you comment, to put the current challenge below so that we can stay up to date for those just joining us pages ahead.

7.) Be funny and creative. Pics of bikes in front of interesting things or stuff you don't see everyday are always welcome.

We can change the rules to keep things on track, if necessary. However, this should be a great starting point.

The intention of this thread is to have fun and get people out enjoying their cars while most of the country has decent weather. So let's keep it fun and safe!

Mods if you are not down with this let me know, just think being summer and all this is a way to keep the board fun and active, not trying to overstep my bounds and feel free to update the list of completed challenges also. Might also bring out some friendly competition between MTB riders and roadies to see who can hit up more locations or perhaps drum up some bikeforums prizes for randomly selected players for whoever participates in this fun game. (I would count myself out of the prizes, I just want to play)

A Greasy Spoon type restaurant (classic diner, hole in the wall restaurant,chip wagon)


Greasy Spoon Restaurant :

Wolfvegas 06-23-12 05:23 PM

Im ashamed of all of you!!!! I hate you! lol looks like my next ride I will kick this off as you guys are too slow and old to even make it to a restaurant to take a picture..

sevenmag 06-23-12 05:38 PM

Tomorrow is another day. I had one picked out, but we shall see I guess. It looks fun to me no matter.

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