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steve2k 06-21-12 02:28 AM

Prescription cycling glasses - inserts or direct glaze?
I'm looking for a pair of glasses to use when cycling (kayaking, playng badminton, running) as my current normal glasses bounce around and aren't impact resist.

I assumed that you had to have specially made ones (I have some ones I got free, they're not great) but then I noticed on amazon that they have sunglasses with Rx inserts that you get your prescription lens in.

Has anyone got any experience of sunglasses with these inserts? What's your view on them?

Here's a link to an example

Looigi 06-21-12 10:21 AM

I don't like inserts. Twice the surfaces contribute to loss of contrast, collect dust and condensations, etc... A good optometrist can set you up with appropriate prescription sports glasses. How much wrap around can be accommodated depends on the strength and type of correction. With a prescription in hand, you can also order on-line. Here's one place:

david58 06-22-12 10:36 PM

Look at Nike Vision products for cycling (and other sports). I got a pair with Transitions Lenses and really, really like them.

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