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kikonameko 07-05-12 02:34 AM

Upgrading my 7.3 Fork
Hi guys, im a newbie both in this forum and in cycling. I bought a 7.3FX a month ago and is really enjoying it a lot. it was a hard decision as i was really putting it with the Specialized Sirrus Sport (the comp and higher ends are not available here in China).

Anyway I am now thinking ahead (approx 3 months) and I am interested in upgrading my fork to a carbon one similar to the 7.5 i actually just have 2 simple questions i was wondering people can help.

1. Is it possible to upgrade my fork to a different brand or should it be a trek/bontrager fork to preserve the geometry of the bike?
2. What do you guys usually do about the color of the fork? I assume that it would be tricky to get the right exact color of a new fork to the frame of your current bike.

Thanks a lot.. I realize theres more to this than these 2 questions but I happy to start a dialogue with these for now.

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