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pgs 01-11-05 10:31 PM

Canada Bike Tours
We Are Planning A Bike Trip To Either Quebec City Or Prince Edward Island. We Are Thinking About Using Classic Adventures Bike Tours To Do So. Does Anyone Have Any Experience With Them Or Know Anything About Them?

lrzipris 01-12-05 05:46 AM

I don't know that particular company, but I can recommend a PEI trip: 2 years ago, I did a week-long tour on PEI (with another tour company that I was not impressed with), and loved it. Wonderfully scenic, light traffic, friendly local folks; depending on the season, watch out for the biting flies, though.

Boudicca 01-12-05 05:56 PM

You could also look at Freewheeling Adventures I did a tour of Quebec's Eastern Townships with them last year and it was all flawlessly organized, with great food, good hotels and a friendly, knowlegeable guide. And the area is lovely -- it felt more like Europe than North America at times.

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