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chris hansen 01-12-05 11:34 AM

Different seats for mountain and road bikes?

Would you need different seats for a mountain bike and a road bike? I realize a road bike has a lower position in the drops but if the handlebars on both are in similar positions woiuldn't the riding position be similar?


jeff williams 01-12-05 12:06 PM

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ummm, I ride road saddles on mtb's but -I ride more XC position and I have narrow hips.
My current saddle is a bit scooped-wider @ the back, still a bit narrower than most I see on mtb.
If you jump a lot, a wider seats better coming off the drops.
XC, a wider seat rubs too much if its wide.

this seats o.k.

I've tried Selle Italia Nitrox, Velo Plush, WTB, Selle Italia again and then this.

XC does run a higher seat position, than say gravity racing. Different bikes though.

MTB is kinda an obsolete term. The classic ATB is closest to what is refered to as XC, IMO.

Maelstrom 01-12-05 12:16 PM

I don't use the same type of seat on all my mountain bikes so I doubt I would use it on a roadie.

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