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BLL 07-13-12 08:56 AM

Marathon plus and armadillo tyre liner
I just bought my first road bike and have been researching and getting paranoid after reading that flats are very common, please advise, is combining a marathon plus tire (700x25c) and adding an armadillo tyre liner a good idea? Will it not wear the tyre/damage the tire? I actually have installed the set already and it was hard to put in. I am riding for exercise, planning on getting into long rides when I am fit enough, Please advise. Thanks

chasm54 07-13-12 09:02 AM

I'm a fan of Marathon Plus tyres for commuting, touring and so on, they are pretty much indestructible. I wouldn't put them on my race bike, though, they are heavy and slow. Putting tyre liners inside marathon pluses is definitely overkill.

Punctures aren't a disaster. Learn to fix them. If you're riding marathon pluses, even without the liners, you won't get many.

BLL 07-13-12 09:18 AM

Thank you, I have been practicing on changing the tubes without the tyre liner and it is a pain (bc of the type of tyre I have), but I am realizing it is a part of road biking. This is why over kill provably is ok I thought, unless it does not really help and will only distroy the tyre. I will surely realize what you mean about being heavier and slow soon enough when I have put in more mileage, at least I am not as woried about destroying the tyre.

Face Palm 07-19-12 02:33 PM

+1 on overkill. I have the Durano Plus, which is not quite as puncture resistant as the Marathon Plus (but close) and have yet to get a flat. The liners won't kill your tires, but will definitely make the ride more uncomfortable.

BTW, the tires will get easier to take off and put back on. Ride them for a while. Eventually you might be able to do it with just your hands and no tire lever.

fietsbob 07-19-12 03:53 PM

I'm not running skinny tires as a rule .. My tires Marathon Plus ,
after 2 mystery front flats , I put in Thorn-resistant innertubes..

Already Have TR tubes in the bike trailers and the black Ice bike ..

Rode on a 6 month tour from SW Ireland to Northern Scotland w/o a puncture ..
700c-40 TR p/v tubes ..

Fast is no longer an issue , time moves fast enough by now :50:

jfowler85 07-19-12 04:24 PM

Depends on the road conditions, and how much peace of mind you are after. Personally, I run Conti Top Contact in 700x25 on/off road and over debris in the city. I would consider a liner overkill, as the Conti's breaker has proven more than adequate. However, if your riding stuff as treacherous as inner city NY or Chicago, then perhaps it would not be. Additionally, if it buys your peace of mind, then why not? I don't foresee any damage that would occur because of adding the liner.

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