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Burton 07-14-12 07:57 PM

Extreme purple chain lube
Long story short - I've started using this on my commuter and road bikes. Aplication is ridiculiously easy and if it lives up to half the claims for film strength - I'll be happy. Apparently this was originally developed for chains that had to contend with salt water exposure -ie oil rig equipment. I drive in the winter on salted roads so will keep you posted.

Anyone else already tried this?

stevebiker 07-16-12 07:49 AM

I tried it, and it gunked up my chain and gears.

UprightMama 07-16-12 08:34 PM

I haven't tried that, but am interested to hear from you and others, if it works. We live right at the ocean's side, and our bikes are exposed to salt air and humidity daily. I'm also interested in knowing if you use a product to prevent rust, which is a huge problem here.

Burton 07-20-12 03:14 AM

Originally Posted by stevebiker (Post 14486747)
I tried it, and it gunked up my chain and gears.

Could you be a bit more specific please? How long did you use it and what exactly do you mean by ' gunked up'? This stuff is extremely thin - I can't imagine it accumulating and building up anywhere so want to make sure I understand you.

Burton 08-28-12 05:34 PM

So after running this stuff for a couple months now - I've decided I kinda like it. The drivetrain stays cleaner than with other products, and although it does need reapplication more often than some other lubes - less is required and application isn't at all messy. Have absolutely no idea where our poster here got the notion it gummed up his drivetrain - its actually keeping mine cleaner.

And none of the magazine reviews I've found have anything negative to say about it.

Anything listed as 'Lubricant of the year' twice, 'Product of the year' twice and 'Most wanted product' can't be all that bad.

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