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Ziemas 01-13-05 04:51 PM

What's up with Surly frames?
What's the story with Surly frames? I'm thinking of buying a LHT frame to replace my alu commuter which I hate. Where is this company from? How long have they been around? Where are their frames made? Everything I've read about them seems to be positive, I just can't find out any concrete info. Thanks.

Rev.Chuck 01-13-05 04:56 PM

Surly is a bunch of guys that work for Quality Bicycle Products (A Wholesaler), but I believe it is a seperate business. They started it up, as I understand it, because they wanted steel frames and could not find any for low$$. So they planned some up and had them made. They are made overseas, Tiawan probably. We have sold several and have some employees riding them, great deal for the money.

Waldo 01-13-05 04:57 PM

They're out of Minnesota, owned by Quality Bicycle Products, one of the big distributors in the industry. Same folks that own Salsa. Frames are made in Taiwan and aren't the lightest out there, but you'd have to work to break one. Pretty solid value for the $.

DanO220 01-13-05 07:17 PM

I ride a Surly CrossCheck and I love it. To tell you the truth, I was kinda bummed when I learned that they're made in Taiwan. But then again, it was kind of foolish to believe that anyone in the US would be making a nice steel frame and selling it for under $400. The CrossCheck and the rest of the Surly line isn't fancy, but mine has held up to some real urban abuse and is going strong. The CrossCheck is also very versatile. Mine started life with a 7 speed internally geared hub, only to be modified into a single speed - both set-ups possible because of it's semi-horizontal dropouts. I could go on, but do a search... no doubt theres a myriad of info on the Surly line in these forums.


hebrew_rider 01-13-05 08:35 PM

they're all rigid, right?

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