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amishboy51 07-25-12 04:12 PM

Pedalmybike Signature Problem
I've tried using pedalmybikedotcom for my signature on this site, but I can't seem to get my miles to be saved. Has anyone else had this problem, and, if so, how did you solve it? Thanks.

enigmaT120 07-26-12 10:58 AM

Do you go to their web site and update your miles? I have trouble logging in to their web site from some computers, but when I was using the trackie in my sig file it worked fine.

amishboy51 07-26-12 12:52 PM

Yeah, I can log on to the website, but the miles don't seem to "save."

amishboy51 07-27-12 09:31 AM

Problem solved, thanks to their "help" section: you can't save "digital" miles, only whole numbers.

enigmaT120 07-28-12 03:27 PM

Ah, I didn't know that. I always round to the nearest mile anyway.

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