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wildboer 01-15-05 05:21 PM

Do they lie
it says there are 60+ people on the MTB forum but there are hardly any posts for 60+ people being on it.

do they purposley add to that viewing number?

roadfix 01-15-05 06:11 PM

the KGB don't lie....

HereNT 01-15-05 06:19 PM

There are often a lot of people viewing the archives that aren't listed - they can't post because they are guests, not members. Most come from search engines....

ChAnMaN 01-15-05 11:39 PM

why on earth would they make up a viewing number? if you have everylooked at the total amount of people on the webpage alot of times the number guests online (who cant post) more then doubles the amount of members

PanPanX 01-16-05 12:44 AM

yea i found this forum when i did a google search for "entry level road bike" gave me a link to the road bike forums.

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