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etw 08-09-12 12:01 PM

Koobi AU Enduro
I know.....yet another saddle thread.

I have a question about this saddle for those who use it or have tried it. Many saddles discuss eliminating the numbness issue. My problem is generally sit bone pain. According to the Koobi site, their saddles seem be designed for supporting with the sit bones. Do folks find that his saddle is pretty comfortable? How would it be for riding a few days a week and some long distance (a few hours in the saddle) rides?

I have contacted the company, but also would like some real world feedback. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

etw 08-12-12 07:20 AM

I guess I'll have to assume that the Koobi riders are all out riding rather than reading the forum


Street Pedaler 08-12-12 07:58 AM

500 people could answer your question and it wouldn't mean anything. Everybody's butt is different. What works for 499 people may not work for the 500th. The only way to KNOW is to put your butt on the saddle and ride. Do they have a good return policy? If so, go for it.

etw 08-12-12 09:58 AM

Yeah, I get that.

At the same time, some feedback and info is helpful in the decision making process.

dcdre 08-15-12 01:29 PM

I am a big fan of that saddle. I've learned that I prefer a saddle with some padding (but not cushy gel thick saddles), but more importantly that are a bit wider in the back. I had a very similar saddle (Koobi Silver) on my now stolen MTB. Basically an AU Enduro without the kevlar sides. I could and did easily spend all day in that saddle. It worked for my behind.

In fact I just dug up my AU Enduro and mounted it to my new-to-me Jamis Coda. Looking forward to many miles on that one too!

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