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itsnt4me 08-09-12 02:08 PM

2013 Specialized Allez Sport Compact color scheme for US
Has anyone seen the new color scheme for the 2013 Allez Sport? I think I'm in love. I got one on order.

madflava54 08-09-12 02:10 PM

I like it too

itsnt4me 08-09-12 09:39 PM

Well, that's two of us on this forum that likes Specialized.

2slo2run 08-10-12 06:17 PM

I've seen the yellow and the new black Allez at our shop. I really like the direction Specialized went with these now. Still a bit more branding than I would prefer myself but definitely neat.

itsnt4me 08-10-12 10:15 PM

I really liked the black/yellow paint on the 2012's. I would have bought one of those but I couldn't find anything in my size and I couldn't order from Spec because they were sold out. I had the money and I wanted a new bike so there is just no stopping a guy in that situation.

a1penguin 08-15-12 02:01 AM

That blue is great! Too many black bikes out there.

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