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rider2501 08-10-12 06:03 AM

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit lock question
Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question in but here goes....

I am looking for a bike lock and I narrowed my choices down to the OnGuard Brute 5001 and the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit. My choices are based on this article. The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit seems the way to go but it looks small. I was watching this youtube video that shows the proper way to lock your bike, the actual technique is show at 1:30 seconds into the video. The U-lock goes through the rear wheel AND frame to attach your bike to whatever post/pole/bike rack you are locking it to. My question is to anyone that owns the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit. Is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit long/large enough to lock the bike using the technique shown in the video? Can anyone that owns one verify that this is possible? The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit size is listed at 3.25" x 6". This doesn't seem big enough to perform this locking technique. If it isn't, I'm probably better off with a larger lock. The OnGuard Brute 5001 is listed at 4.37" x 8". This lock is a bit larger and would hopefully be large enough to perform this locking technique. What do you guys think? Thanks.

SteamingAlong 08-10-12 08:07 AM

I have a NYFU. It's a great secondary lock, but completely impractical unless you are only riding a really short distance, like less than 2 miles.

It weighs in at 4.5lbs. Which is more than everything else that I carry on my daily commute combined. I mostly use a heavy duty cable lock and have had a couple of thieves try their luck, but get nowhere close to cutting through even the double braided outer layer.

There is no practical way to carry a lock that heavy, Kryponite doesn't even make a bracket for it, because they couldn't find a sturdy enough design to support the weight.

My next lock will be none of those in the article, Abus would be my choice at this point. If I did have to chose one of those, it would most likely be the New York Chain. At least that has more transportation options.

Looigi 08-10-12 08:16 AM

What are you going to lock the bike to? Stick your bike next to it and measure what you'll need. A bigger lock or lock & chain will provide more options.

cashmonee 08-10-12 08:27 AM

If you get a larger u-lock, make sure you use up it's space. You want as little gap as possible so that a pry bar cannot fit between the lock and the post you are locking to. Basically, a u-lock should not have much play when locked. It should be snug to the bike and post, no sag.

Face Palm 08-10-12 02:41 PM

I'm on my phone, so will be brief:
* I have the faghedaboudit, and use it with a heavy 4 foot cable that goes through front wheel and saddle rails.
* it is amazing, and takes a lot of worry about theft away.
* unless you lock to a very thin pole, you can't go through seat tube and rear rim. I usually use parking meters, and use the sheldon brown technique through just the rear wheel.
* it is heavy, but not impossible to carry all the time. It definitely requires that you htfu a bit.
* I tried lots of carry techniques, and settled on a handlebar/stem mount, similar to the twofish ulock mount. I used to carry in my messenger bag, but that was uncomfortable. Carring on the handlebar, stem is super stable, does't effect steering, and is easy to take on and off. Highly recommended.

mechBgon 08-10-12 08:54 PM

If you want a lock big enough for the rear wheel and frame, the standard Kryptonite New York lock should do the trick. The shackle's not quite as thick, 16mm instead of 18mm.

If you don't want to give up the NYF's 18mm shackle thickness, Kryptonite does make a super-sized version of it, the M18-WL: I had one of these. It was spectacularly heavy, the kind of lock you leave behind at work instead of carrying it along.

As an alternative, you might consider two lesser locks, maybe an Evolution Series 4 standard-size U-lock plus one of those new Evolution Series 4 chain locks: If you can find two strong poles 1 meter apart, you can lock to two separate poles so they're not a weak point either. And if you won't need top security for a particular errand, you can take along just one or the other.

cobba 08-11-12 07:50 AM

I am looking for a bike lock and I narrowed my choices down to the OnGuard Brute 5001 and the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit. My choices are based on this article.
Abus is another good brand of locks that you should have a look at.

mrfunnyhaha 08-11-12 05:51 PM

Bungee it to a rack, man up and you'll forget it is there before you know it.

If you're going to be in an environment that warrants that lock, you might as well get a set of pitlock skewers so you don't have to mess around with a second lock for your tires.

Take your seat with you.

Headset lock for bonus points.


I can often get it around my frame, front tire and rack. Keep in mind, it depends on the dimensions of your frame and what you are locking it to.

HBxRider 08-12-12 05:56 PM

I use the Kryptonite New York Fuhgetaboutit Mini U lock. Its definitiely heavy, but there are multiple ways i've found to transport it.

When I am running errands I often bring a backpack, and the U lock fits nicely in the front pouch, away from other stuff.
If I am going a short distance without a backpack, I will hang the shackle around the belt loop on my jeans, and the cylinder part will go in my pocket.

If I am going longer distance without a backpack, I put the cylinder part inside my saddle bag, and I wedge the shackle between my saddle, and saddle bag. There are also different ways I can secure the lock around my bike frame, but I try to avoid this since the lock is heavy and my frame is light.

I only lock my frame with the lock, and I have theft deterrent tire skewers to secure my wheels. This setup has not been compromised, and i've been using it for a while, in different cities, states, and environments.

If you don't want to go that route then i'd either get the Fuhgetaboutit U lock that has the long shackle so you can lock your frame, and wheels with it.

MadCityCyclist 08-12-12 10:40 PM

First of all, ignore the weight weenies who say the Fuhgetaboutit lock is too heavy. Would you rather ride with a heavier lock and never have your bike stolen, or ride with a lighter lock and have your bike stolen at least once once? (After which time you will probably buy the Fuhgetaboutit, for obvious reasons).

You'll also want to consider what the bike is going to be attached to. If it's a modern bike rack the Fuhgetaboutit's U-lock should be able to fit around that, the frame & rear tire OK. If there's going to be a variation in bike rack types, or you might be locking up to a wider platform like a street light, then the chain may be a better choice. The Evolution series also provides a couple of different sizes for a near-Fuhgetaboutit level of security that could be adapted to a variation of bike racks.

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