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AlmostTrick 08-10-12 11:13 AM

The kid in you will smile or laugh...
or I'll give you your money back. :lol: Be sure to hang 'till the end to see some awesome stunts!

EDIT: I'm not selling or endorsing this product in any way. I just found the video entertaining.

chaadster 08-10-12 02:50 PM


iheartbacon 08-10-12 03:17 PM

I was just looking for another accessory for my commuter bike.

homechicken 08-10-12 04:08 PM

Now that's just too cool! Sometimes I really do wish I was a kid again.

Flying Merkel 08-10-12 05:06 PM

Loud pipes save lives

russaroll 08-10-12 07:11 PM

lol, must have.

IR Baboon 08-12-12 12:20 AM

Yep. Definitely worth watching to the end. Maybe I'm too old, but my kids ain't.

mr geeker 08-12-12 02:10 AM


BR46 08-12-12 05:13 AM

I'll take two so I can have dual exhaust.

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